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Title : Air Cooling Inside Vehicles utilizing Vapor intake freezing System

Abstract :

Vapour Compression Refrigeration system (VCRS) is the currently used refrigerating system in road transport vehicles. The input power for the compressor of the refrigeration system is a part of the power produced by the engine, hence extra work to run the compressor of the refrigerating unit has to be generated by the engine. This loss can be neglected by replacing the conventional system by another refrigeration system ie. a Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System (VARS). It is well known that the efficiency of an IC engine is about 35-40%, and about 60-65% is wasted to environment. In which around 30-32% is lost in the form of exhaust gases, about 28-30% is lost by cooling water and lubrication losses, and remainder by radiation, etc. In a Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System, the mechanical process of the Vapour Compression Refrigeration System is replaced by a physicochemical process using heat energy rather than mechanical work. The heat required for running the Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System can be obtained from the exhaust gases which is wasted into the atmosphere from the engine.

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