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Title : Service Rate of Copper Electrode in Chromium nasty Drooping Kerosene Oil Dielectric during EDM of OHNS die Steel.

Abstract :

This experimental investigation is dedicated to study rate of tool elected wear in sinking electro discharge machining (EDM) process. Pure kerosene oil and chromium abrasives added kerosene oil dielectrics are used and experiments are performed on OHNS steel using OSCARMAX S645 CNC sinking EDM machine. Taguchi method has been used to design and examine the performance of process. Polarity, current, pulse on time, pulse off time, gap voltage and amount of chromium abrasives mixed in kerosene oil as dielectric fluid were selected as inputs to the process. Taguchi recommended orthogonal array is used to plan the experiments. The outcome of this study provides highly valuable data to minimize tool electrode wear rate

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